Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Funny or Die's Presidential Reunion

This video is so good that I had to interrupt my vacation to post it. Well done, Funny or Die.

LENO: Sarah Palin on the 'Tonight Show'

Gotcha Media's going on vacation for a few days. To hold you over while I'm gone, I give you the historic meeting of Jay Leno and Sarah Palin. I urge you to watch this over and over until you understand why "real Americans" love these two so much.

And, don't miss part 2 of the interview, during which Sarah Palin makes her late-night comedy monologue debut (with no writing on her hand). It's almost as bad as Leno!

LETTERMAN: Romney Thinks Palin is 'Terrific'

His also has "no plans" to run for President. So, basically he's just a sarcastic liar.