Monday, March 8, 2010

William Shatner Reads 'Shit My Dad Says' Tweets

William Shatner gave the internet a preview of what we can expect when he stars in the inexplicable, yet inevitable Shit My Dad Says sitcom.

Michael Steele's Fear-Mongering RNC Ad

Michael Steele kicks off an early midterm election season with an ad stating that Obama and Pelosi are threatening American freedoms. Let the fear-mongering begin!

The DNC has already responded with an ad asking: "Is fear all they have left?"

OSCARS: Elinor Burkett is the Kanye of the Oscars

Who knew the most unpredictable part of the show would come during the Documentary Short Subject acceptance speech?

OSCARS: The Dude Accepts His Best Actor Award

Some brilliant person has boiled Jeff Bridges' speech down to just the most duderific parts.

Sandra Bullock's Razzie Speech

Even better than her Oscar speech.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Handsome Men's Club

Jimmy Kimmel gives a behind-the-scenes look at his Handsome Men's Club. What do you think, did he actually get all of these actors in the same room, or is there some clever editing going on here?

The New Dork

This Jay-Z/Alicia Keys parody pays tribute to the NYC tech start-up scene.

"Social networks what dreams are made of."

SNL: Pageant Talk

Thank you Videogum for posting the final sketch of the Zach Galifianakis' SNL episode featuring a beardless Galifianakis and Jenny Slate as a beauty pageant winner. You can always rely on the final sketch of the night to be actually funny and irreverent.

God Inspired Sarah Palin to Write on Her Hand

From an Ohio Right to Life fundraiser over the weekend:

“Hey, if it was good enough for God, scribbling on the palm of his hand, it’s good enough for me, for us. In that passage, he says, ‘I wrote your name on the palm of my hand to remember you.’ And I’m like ok, I’m in good company.”

Raaaaaaaamdy vs. Justin Bieber

Raaaaaaaandy reveals the war that has started between him and Justin Bieber.

"Justin Bieber shot me in the knee, and stole my song."

Trailer: 'Iron Man 2'

The new trailer for Iron Man 2 has slightly less Garry Shandling, slightly more Sam Rockwell and a little bit of Samuel L. Jackson.