Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Conan's Twitter Friend

19 year-old Sarah Killen, the only person who Conan O'Brien is following on Twitter, went on CNN to talk about how it has changed her life.

"It was very quiet where we were. I was just at home everday. Now we're out and doing everything."

Husbands and Husbands

A kid learns about gay marriage.

Glenn Beck Hates Me just informed me that Glenn Beck has launched his latest attack... against me!

Marion Cotillard for Foreheard Tittaes

I wasn't sure I could love Marion Cotillard much more than I already do, but this video proved me wrong.

"Make them almost look you in the eyes."

COLERT REPORT: Stephen Wags His Finger at Lieberman and the Pope

Colbert is upset that Joe Lieberman has come out of the closet as a liberal and that the Pope apparently has something to hide.

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