Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sarah Silverman Makes Out With Andy Samberg

From last night's Sarah Silverman Program, in which Samberg played her horny imaginary friend.

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Patrick Kennedy Calls the Press 'Despicable'

Rep. Patrick Kennedy is not pleased that the media is focusing on Eric Massa 24/7 instead of more important things like the war in Afghanistan.

Trailer: 'Robin Hood'

The new trailer for Ridley Scott's Robin Hood tries to answer the question, "Why would anyone make another Robin Hood movie after Prince of Thieves?"

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen Gropes His Intern

In a show of solidarity with Eric Massa, Colbert showed how you can non-sexually grope someone.

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LETTERMAN: Blagojevich Does the Top Ten

Rod Blagojevich went on Letterman to promote his upcoming embarrassing stint on Celebrity Apprentice.

"#2: How come I’m not a Governor and Paterson is?"

COUNTDOWN: Bill Maher Talks Massa

Lawrence O'Donnell and Bill Maher sit down to discuss Eric Massa's meltdown.

"I think the Vatican has less repressed homosexuals than the United States Congress."

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DAILY SHOW: Glenn Beck Wastes Your Time

Jon Stewart reveals Glenn Beck's "Good night and good luck."

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