Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obama Speaks After Health Care Passes

With Joe Biden at his side, Obama hailed the House Democrats for passing Health Care Reform.

Republican Congressman Calls Pro-life Rep. Stupak "Baby Killer"

It just shows how ridiculous some Republican members of the House are that someone would shout "baby killer" at Democratic Rep. Stupak, the man who led the fight to ban federally funded abortions before voting for the Health Care bill.

Health Care Reform Passes the House With 219 Votes

The thrilling countdown to 216 (ultimately 219) votes in the House.

FOX NEWS: Teabagging Montage

Just in case you didn't spend all day today watching Fox News, here's what you missed:

THIS WEEK: Karl Rove vs. David Plouffe

The top two political strategists of the moment went at it over health care reform on This Week this morning.

Rep. Nunes (R-CA) Excuses Teabaggers' 'Slip of the Tongue'

According to one Republican Congressman, if you use "totalitarian tactics" you can expect to have racist and homophobic slurs hurled at you.