Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Seth Meyers, Will Forte and the 'Boner Ghost'

Seth Meyers is funnier at SXSW than he is on SNL.

COLLEGEHUMOR: More Joe Biden Swearing

College Humor discovered a new very NSFW clip of Joe Biden letting loose.

Hell No You Can't

A new video starring John Boehner as the man standing athwart history.

LETTERMAN: Toyota CEO Apologizes

Letterman had "Akio Toyota" on his show to apologize for the runaway Toyotas.

"Where's Jay-walking? You killed Big Jaw!"

Bush Wipes Hand on Clinton in Haiti

During their joint trip to Haiti, George W. Bush shook hands with someone, wasn't thrilled about it, then wiped his hand on Bill Clinton's shoulder. Classic.