Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MODERN FAMILY: The 22 Minute iPad Commercial

If you watched Modern Family tonight, you may have noticed that it acted as a 22 minute iPad commercial on the eve of the game-changing device's release. According to Silicon Alley Insider, Steve Jobs' stake in Disney (ABC's parent company) secured the massive product placement. However, my lingering question is: can you really blow out birthday candles on the iPad??

Leno Finally Admits that 'Conan Got Screwed'

But he also thinks that he got screwed, so I'm still not sure he totally gets it.

Lou Zoom: Lou Reed's iPhone App

I'm assuming this is real and not a joke, right?

LETTERMAN: Dave Interviews a Teabagger

Letterman did an in-depth, Jon Stewart-style interview last night with Pam Stout, one the de facto citizen leaders of the Teabaggers. Watch all three parts below.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Starbucks and Guns

Jimmy Kimmel brings his gun to Starbucks to see if it creates any problems.

DAILY SHOW: Michael Steele Bondage Club Puppet Reenactment

Yesterday, I said that this Michael Steele Makes it Rain music video was the best response so far to the Michael Steele bondage night club scandal. Last night, Jon Stewart one-upped that video with his own reenactment, using puppets.

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