Thursday, April 1, 2010

Obama's April Fools' Day Jokes

Obama got in some solid jokes today in his town hall speech in Maine. His bit comparing the mainstream media to impatient farmers killed!

NYPL Honors George Carlin

Some highlights from the New York Public Library's tribute to George Carlin.

Boys Will Be Girls Will Be Boys

These two sketches from Harvard Sailing Team play on gender stereotypes. Hilarious gender stereotypes.

LETTERMAN: Dave Gets in iPad

OK, so maybe the iPad plot in last night's Modern Family wasn't product placement, but Letterman's iPad Top Ten list must be, right?

"Even little Jimmy Fallon doesn't have one."

Teabagger Montage of Hate

Here's a quick look at what the teabaggers were up to last weekend when they realized that hope had triumphed over hate.

"This is the Woodstock you'll remember! And you're not on LSD!"

GOP's Hilarious April Fools' Ad

The NRSC really got me going there for a minute with their new ad that pretends that Obama is delivering on his campaign promises and making our country better. I'm so gullible!

OSN: Fenway Park Begins Massive Anitquation Project

Every day is April Fools' Day at the Onion, but this new video about Fenway Park hit me especially hard.

"Can't wait to see Wakefield make that horse bladder dance."

Red Sox Announce Plans To Return Fenway To Original 1912 Conditions

LENO: Bill Maher on Health Care and Marijuana

Bill Maher made at least his segments of the Tonight Show funny last night.

Trailer: 'The A-Team'

No, this is not an April Fools' joke.

Bieber or Die

Justin Bieber has officially purchased and taken over Funny or Die.

"Anything that's not Bieber, dies."

YouTube Text-Only Videos

YouTube introduces a new way to watch videos, text only.