Tuesday, April 6, 2010

LETTERMAN: Steve Carell vs. Mark Wahlberg

Steve Carell tells Dave about how Germans think he must hate Mark Wahlberg for being better looking then him.

OPRAH: Tracy Morgan Cries About Tina Fey

Oprah did not have to try very hard to make Tracy Morgan get choked up on her show today.

McCain's Maverick Flip-Flop

I wrote an entire blog in 2008 based on the fact that John McCain was a "Maverick" and therefore things that are "Maverick" are inherently ridiculous and irresponsible. So no one was more shocked than me (or possibly Sarah Palin) when McCain told Newsweek, "I never considered myself a maverick." Really?

Thanks to Talking Points Memo, we now have ample proof that he certainly did. Or is denying you ever called yourself a "Maverick" the most "Maverick" move of all time?

Regis Joins the Internet

Regis Philbin is the latest talk show host to score an iPad and (in his case) "join the internet." Now all he needs is an app.

CNN Asks 'Homosexuality, Is It A Problem In Need Of A Cure?'

Looks like CNN's is actually taking Ross Douthat's advice.

"Grabs your attention, doesn't it?"

Harry Reid Mocks Sarah Palin

In light of this weekend's NYTimes story about the teabaggers zeroing in on Harry Reid, this very amateur video of Reid firing back at Sarah Palin is very satisfying.