Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hypocrite Bristol Palin's Teen Pregnancy PSA

She's not exactly saying that she made a mistake, but if she were poor and had no prospects, she would be in bad shape.

Tiger Woods' New Nike Ad

First, Tiger felt the need to apologize to the whole world. Now, we get this new Nike ad in which Tiger's father admonishes him (from beyond the grave, no less). Is any of this really necessary?

Fox News Blatantly Uses Mushroom Cloud Video to Freak Everyone Out

This seems like an appropriate response to the Obama administration's adjustments to U.S. nuclear strategy.

MAD MEN: Bye Bye Birdie

Get your Mad Men fix before the show returns in July.

DAILY SHOW: John McCain is Not a 'Maverick'

Jon Stewart calls McCain out for selling his soul and denouncing "Maverick-ism."

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