Friday, April 9, 2010

Trailer: 'Holy Rollers'

Starring Jesse Eisenberg as a Hasidic drug runner.

"Sin is sweet in the beginning, but bitter in the end."
-The Talmud

Obama vs. Palin on Nuclear Policy

Here's a fun preview of what we look forward to in 2012.

Trailer: 'The Other Guys'

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are the new Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. Or something like that.

"I thought you said bad cop, bad cop."

ONN: DEA Agent Busts His Son

This ONN press conference announces the seizure of over one eighth of an ounce of marijuana.

"We also recovered thirteen pills from the site that we initially believe to be tablets of ecstasy, but turned out to be little candies."

DEA Official Announces Successful Drug Bust On Son's Room

David Cross: 'Bigger and Blackerer'

David Cross has a new stand-up special premiering this weekend on the crazy new cable channel Epix. Apparently, you can stream in on their website at some point, but it's unclear how or when. Here's a clip of David talking about the evolution of the Bible. More clips are here.

David Cross - The Bible from Punchline Magazine on Vimeo.

SOUTH PARK: 200th Episode to be Celeb-tastic

South Park's 200th episode next week will feature every celebrity they have ever mocked. I'm looking forward to a little "Kanye is a gay fish" action.

FUNNY OR DIE: Mr. Celebrity with Ed Helms

Hoping this is the first in a series of many videos starring Mr. Celebrity, AKA Brett Gelman.

Tarantino vs. the Coen Brothers

An impressive mash-up of the films of the greatest filmmakers of my lifetime.

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen Does the Tiger Nike Ad

Last night, Colbert offered his own versions of the Tiger Woods Nike ad.

"You are not evil. You... are... GOOD!"

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JIMMY FALLON: Weekend Update Charades

Jimmy Fallon busted out some all-star charades last night, old Weekend Update (Jimmy and Tina Fey) vs. new Weekend Update (Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers).