Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dave Chappelle's Rape Jokes

Dave Chappelle challenges an audience to laugh at serial man rape. (via Punchline)

Palin at the 'Boston Tea Party'

Sarah Palin's not calling Obama "un-American," it's the "results of his actions" that are "un-American."

North Koreans Are Not 'So Funny'

New Tang Dyansty Television reports on the North Korean comedy/propaganda show "It's So Funny," which turns out to not be "so funny." (via HuffPostComedy)

LARRY KING LIVE: George Lopez is on 'Team Loco'

George Lopez went on Larry King Live last night to defend his decision to give up his late night slot to Conan and move back to midnight.

DAILY SHOW: Rachel Maddow on Timothy McVeigh and the Teabaggers

Rachel Maddow appeared on the Daily Show last night to talk to Jon Stewart about her Timothy McVeigh special (and the Teabaggers).

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