Thursday, April 15, 2010

ELLEN: Aziz Ansari Exposed to Older Ladies

Ellen gives Aziz Ansari a big audience of older women that he can't be very used to getting.

SNL: 'In the 2000's' Preview

The latest SNL documentary from Kenneth Bowser airs tonight at 9pm on NBC. In preparation, make sure to read Dave Itzkoff's great interview with the filmmaker on NYTimes's ArtsBeat blog. NBC's been releasing preview videos of the show this week. My favorite is the clip below of Jimmy Fallon discussing the origins of the "Barry Gibb Talk Show." More previews at

Teabagging Since 1773

Either the Teabaggers are finally acknowledging the sordid connotation of their self-imposed name, or a liberal sabotage group is having some fun at their expense. Either way, the image of those wet teabags hitting Nancy Pelosi in the mouth are disturbing.

LENO: Tracy Morgan on Government Cheese and Black Funerals

Tracy Morgan's one of the few guests (like Bill Maher) who will get me to watch Jay Leno (the next day, on the internet).