Friday, April 16, 2010

Disney Recycles 'Boy Falling' Sound Bite

Here's something silly for a Friday afternoon. (via Urlesque)

Trailer: 'Grown Ups'

It's not that I really thought this was going be funny, but I had no idea it would look this bad.

Grown Ups in HD

Trailer Park Movies | MySpace Video

Teabagger Rappers Prove Tea Party Isn't Racist

From yesterday's Tax Day rally, this is amazing.

"No taxation without representation! The Tea Party movement is sweeping the nation!... We're not racist!"

Untitled from elizabeth glover on Vimeo.

LARRY KING LIVE: Willie Nelson Admits to Smoking Pot Before the Show

Larry King grilled Willie Nelson on his marijuana habits last night, and ended up finding out that he was high right then.

"So you have pot in you right now?!"

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen Tips His Hat to Hipsters

After wagging his finger at Forbes magazine, Colbert commends Williamsburg hipsters for not filling out the census.

"I'm in a band called 'I Filled Out The Census.'"

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DAILY SHOW: Tracy Morgan Discovers the Teabaggers

Tracy Morgan, who apparently does not follow politics, remarks to Jon Stewart that the "left-wing" Tea Party should be calling itself the Teabaggers ("strictly about taxes").

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