Thursday, April 22, 2010

DAILY SHOW: Jon Stewart Defends 'South Park'

Jon Stewart's moved on from Bernie Goldberg, now telling Muslims who have threatened Matt Stone and Trey Parker to "go fuck themselves." At least this whole thing got us an epic history of the Daily Show mocking religion.

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FUNNY OR DIE: 'The Carpet Brothers' Trailer

The Carpet Brothers, premiering on this week's episode of HBO's Funny or Die Presents, looks funnier than Will Ferrell's last four or five movies.

FOX NEWS: South Park, Mohammad and Censorship

Megyn Kelly and Fox News report on the South Park Mohammad controversy.

Aldous Snow's 'Bangers Beans and Mash'

Performed by Russell Brand, music and lyrics by Jason Segel. Yet another reason to be excited for Get Him to the Greek. Audio only, but totally worth listening to:

Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan Interview Each Other

Who needs Leno and Letterman when these two can just interview each other?

THE VIEW: Biden Regrets Health Care F-Bomb

The View ladies shame Joe Biden over his "fucking big deal" health care comment.

"I was just thankful my mother couldn't hear her son, and it was a little embarrassing. I realized there was a microphone but I had no idea it was that sensitive..."

LENO: Donald Glover's Tracy Morgan Impression

Donald Glover went on Leno last night and talked about what it's like to have Tracy Morgan as your boss.

And, here's the rest of Donald's Leno appearance: