Sunday, April 25, 2010

Conan and Jim Carrey Sing 'Superman'

Jim Carrey joined Conan at his L.A. show last night to perform the obscure Five for Fighting song "Superman (It's Not Easy)."

Crayola Thanks the Teabaggers

No company has benefitted more from the Teabagger protests this year than Crayola. (via The Full Ginsburg)

"Now, you could've printed your signs, but that takes time. Crayola lets you make signs quickly, and without thinking."

SNL: Alarm Clocks Sketch

After doorbells and car horns, Jenny Slate keeps it going with alarm clocks.

"Wake up, you've got a boner about nothing. Buzz."

SNL: John Mulaney on Girl Scout Cookies

SNL must have had some time to fill last night, because they asked one of their writers who has never appeared on screen to do stand-up on Weekend Update about girl scout cookies. It was one of the funniest segments of the night.