Thursday, April 29, 2010

Seinfeld Trailer: 'George'

The dramatic, touching, uplifting story of George Costanza.

MODERN FAMILY: Fred Willard is Phil's Dad

The tease from the Christmas episode came to fruition last night when Fred Willard showed up as Phil Dunphy's father. These two are a perfect match, completely incapable of having a serious conversation.

SOUTH PARK: Towlie Gets an Intervention

Last night's South Park won't get anyone killed, but was still a hilarious parody of A&E's Intervention.

"Towlie, over the past few months, I have watched you go from an ancillary character with a few amusing catch phrases to a dried out spooge rag covered in the jizz of a thousand older man."

COLBERT REPORT: Eugene Mirman Is Stephen's Spirit Guide

As part of last night's "Cheating Death" segment, Colbert took some acid and Eugene Mirman appeared as his Native American spirit guide.

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Cheating Death - Tobacco Mints, Breast Milk & Hallucinogens
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DAILY SHOW: Jon Stewart Has Gizmodo's Back

Jon Stewart calls out Apple to raiding Gizmodo over the lost iPhone.

"The cops had to bash in the guy's door? Don't they know there's an app for that?"

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MTV MOVIE AWARDS: Who Is Aziz Ansari?

And, this is why Aziz Ansari is hosting this year's MTV Movie Awards.