Monday, May 3, 2010

Jay Leno Steals His Own Jokes

Politico show us how Jay Leno recycled his own jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner. They weren't funny the first time, so what made him think they would work this time? At least we know that Leno was pretty confident that none of the movers and shakers in the room had ever watched The Jay Leno Show.

FOX NEWS: Times Square Car Bomb 'South Park' Connection?

Fox News speculates on the possible connection between this weekend's attempted attack on Times Square and the South Park Muhammad episode. To be clear, there's no evidence of a connection. But in the style of Glenn Beck, what's the harm in asking questions?

TODAY SHOW: Betty White Talks SNL

Betty White stopped in on the Today Show to tell Meredith Viera she's "scared to death" about her upcoming SNL hosting gig.

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60 MINUTES: Conan Talks About Comedy and Twitter

60 Minutes has released a slew off extra footage from their time spent with Conan O'Brien. You can watch all the clips at the Huffington Post, but my favorite, in which Conan discusses Twitter as a comedy tool, here:

"I was the host of the Tonight Show. Now, I write tweets."

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FAMILY GUY: Brian and Stewie Wait for Godot

Seth MacFarlane must have been in an existential mood when considering Family Guy's 150th episode, which featured only Brian and Stewie locked in bank vault. The episode began with Brian eating the poop out of Stewie's diaper then licking Stewie's asshole clean. But by the end Brian was opening up about his thoughts of suicide and reading Stewie a touching passage from "David Copperfield." Is this the first episode of Family Guy that has ended without a joke?