Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Conan's '60 Minutes' Inner Monologue

Here's what Conan wanted to (but was contractually obligated not to) say in Sunday's 60 Minutes interview.

"Rapists don't usually call their victims."

Justin Bieber Has Never Heard of Germany

I don't typically post things about Justin Bieber, but this is just too absurd.
"I like basketball if that's what you're asking me."

JIMMY FALLON: Sarah Silverman Plays With Your Look

Sarah Silverman joined Jimmy Fallon last night for the popular segment "Let Us Play With Your Look." I'm loving Sarah's hipster glasses.

She also sat down with Jimmy to discuss her new "Bedwetter" book.

COLBERT REPORT: 'We Are All Times Squarians'

Stephen Colbert shows his solidarity for everything Times Square.

"They may take our safety and security, but they will never take our rhinestone-studded Big Apple thongs and porn shop anal beads."

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Times Square Terrorism
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DAILY SHOW: Jon Stewart Presents the West Side Story Oil Spill Parody Songbook

Jon Stewart reports on the second biggest bomb on Broadway.

"I feel gritty... Oh so gritty..."

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