Friday, May 7, 2010

ONN: Hard Times for Suspicious Package Industry

Onion News Network reports on the American industry that's struggling the most these days.

Suspicious Package Industry Falls On Hard Times

NPR Does Lady Gaga's Telephone

This viral video doesn't quite top Christopher Walken reading the lyrics to "Poker Face," but for NPR, this is pretty bold.

Will Ferrell as Billy Ray "Rojo" Johnson

Hollywood must have stopped offering Will Ferrell sports comedies, because last night he decided to just create a character in real life. Billy Ray "Rojo" Johnson made his pitching debut for Texas' minor league Round Rock Express.

JIMMY FALLON: Betty White Plays Beer Pong

Continuing her tour of age-defying activities, Betty White joins Jimmy Fallon for a good old game of beer pong (for the second time).

30 ROCK: 'Pajamaralls' and 'Sherlock Homie'

Tracy's fake Mom models "Pajamaralls," for when you can't decide between pajamas and overalls. Buy the man who made Sherlock Homie (which is a real movie, btw) can't be picky.

THE OFFICE: 'Darnell' Pranks Andy

"Darnell's" plan comes to fruition.

PARKS AND REC: Aziz Turns His Swag On

This is what happens when Tom Haverford has two light beers with Detlef Schrempf.

"Brooks Brothers boys are like the cuts are slimmer. And it's cheaper. Win-Win."

COMMUNITY: Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Community really stepped it up a notch this week with the paintball war movie episode. Oh, and did I mention that (spoiler alert!) Jeff and Britta finally did it?! There was also a not-so-subtle dig at Glee.

"Write some original songs!"