Thursday, May 13, 2010

JIMMY KIMMEL: BP's 'Look Everyone, I Capped The Well' Contest

I could really use those Lady Gaga tickets and $50 gas card, but I have no idea how to stop the oil from spewing into the ocean.

PARKS AND REC: And Introducing Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe joins the cast of Parks and Recreation tonight (as does Party Down's Adam Scott, who's getting totally overshadowed BTW). NYMag's Vulture Blog reports on his hilariously inappropriate new credit. Here's a little sneak peek.

MORNING JOE: Everyone Laughs at McCain

John McCain's "Danged Fence" ad is hilarious enough to bring Democrats and Republicans together in laughter.

Google Ads as Job Applications

Alec Brownstein used Google ads to get himself in front of prospective employers who were Googling themselves. A brilliant way to subvert the established system and get the attention of self-important people.

Toy Story 3: Inception

The plot of Christopher Nolan's Inception somehow makes more sense like this than it does in the real trailer.

SNL: Alec Baldwin Promos

Alec Baldwin and Will Forte do impressions of each other in the promos for this week's season finale. Also, they still can't stop talking about Betty White.

John C. Reilly is Dr. Steve Brule

Check it out!

LENO: Betty White Reflects on SNL

Betty White decompresses from her epic SNL hosting gig with Jay Leno. She's charming enough to make Leno tolerable for a few minutes.

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen's Sound (SAT) Advice

Lewis Black wasn't the only one making fun of Glenn Beck last night. In his segment on how to ace the SAT's Colbert quoted a study that says longer essays score higher and advised:

"Remember, facts don't matter. Just lots and lots of words. So ideally, your essay should read like Glenn Beck's teleprompter."

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