Saturday, May 15, 2010

JIMMY FALLON: Mick Jagger Not Mick Jagger-y Enough

When Mick Jagger fails to be Mick Jagger-y enough while introducing the Rolling Stones' documentary Stones in Exile, Jimmy Fallon comes on to teach him how to be more like Mick Jagger.

BILL MAHER: 'I Want My Country Forward'

In last night's "New Rules," Bill Maher gets on Obama for pretending to be a Luddite and telling kids to put down their Xboxes and iPads. He then turned the Teabaggers' catchphrase ("I want my country back") on its head and nominated Steve Job and Apple to run the government.

Sarah Palin at the NRA Convention

MSNBC calls out Palin for having no basis for her claim that Obama and Pelosi would "ban guns" if they could. And, Fox News reports on how Palin "brought down the house" with her redneck jokes. Both videos below.