Monday, May 17, 2010

Tracy Morgan and Betty White New York Mag Cover Shoot

If you haven't seen the cover of this week's New York Magazine yet, you should really get on that. Or just watch the amazing video of the photo shoot below.

FUNNY OR DIE: Fred Savage Hosts 'Prince Rapist'

If you're having "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" withdrawal, this should help.

Preview: NBC's 'Outsourced'

This is the new show that is (temporarily) replacing Parks and Recreation. Big shoes to fill.

Geico Guy: 'Don't Drunk Dial FreedomWorks'

D.C. Douglas was recently fired from his Geico gig (he's the guy who reads the voiceover "15% or more could save you...", not the gecko) after he left a "nasty voicemail" for the Tea Party group FreedomWorks. In this new PSA, Douglas advises against drunk dialing organizations you hate.