Friday, May 21, 2010

30 ROCK: Kenneth Gets Fired

Kenneth would rather get fired than transferred to L.A. In the final scene of last night's finale, he gets drunk and puts the rest of the characters in their place.

"That doorman is hammered."

THE OFFICE: Ryan's New Social Network 'Woof'

The Sabre printer scandal leak was an opportunity for Ryan to present his new social network that links all of your other social networks, "Woof."

PARKS AND REC: Aziz Gets a Girlfriend

As much as I enjoyed "Renada Ricotta" and "Mark Brendanaquitz," the best line of last night's Parks and Recreation finale came from Aziz Ansari, per usual.

"We had dinner last night. And breakfast this morning. What did we do in between? Sex stuff."

COMMUNITY: John Oliver Returns

Last night's Community finale had a very strong finale-vibe. While the big news of the night was Britta telling Jeff she loves him and then Jeff making out with Annie, I was most excited for the return of John Oliver, who I had completely forgotten was on this show.

JIMMY FALLON: Will Forte and The Roots Perform 'MacGruber' Theme Song

After telling Jimmy Fallon about his celery-filled nude scene in the MacGruber movie, he joined The Roots to perform the "hard-R" theme song.

Comedian Who's Never Seen 'Lost' Recaps 6 Seasons of 'Lost'

Sara Benincasa offers the best explanation of Lost that I've ever heard. As someone who has also never watched Lost, I'm going to assume that this is exactly what happened on the show.