Sunday, May 23, 2010

What We Watched This Week - May 23, 2010

Right off the bat this past Monday, we were hit with one of strongest Funny or Die videos in a long time. Mary-Elizabeth Ellis, also known as the waitress from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," enlisted her BF Charlie Day (along with Fred Savage) for a sketch that she titled "This Fall on Bravo," but I prefer to call by it's more direct name "Prince Rapist." This video was short and intro-y enough that I think more segments could be coming soon.

Monday also had the rare occurrence of the the print world infiltrating the viral video-sphere. New York Magazine must have known it had something priceless on its hands when they got Tracy Morgan and Betty White together in a room for a photo shoot. When the print version landed in my mailbox, I thought it was hilarious. But it was nothing compared to the exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the shoot they released later that day.

So now I'm just going to come out an admit something that might shock some people on today of all days. I am not a fan of Lost. I don't get it. I watched some of the first season, thought it was kind of intriguing, but then it just totally got away from me. The clips that I've seen and the snippets of conversation I've been subjected to over the last few weeks make no sense to me and I have no intention of watching the five and a half hour finale tonight. That's why I found two videos that came out this week from two comedians named Sara(h) so enjoyable. I'm pretty sure Sarah Silverman has never seen an episode of Lost and I'm positive that Sara Benincasa hasn't. While Sarah Silverman is clearly the more famous of the two (and had access to the Lost producers), there wasn't much this week that was funnier than Sara Benincasa's recap of all six seasons.

As for finales that I did watch, this week's Thursday night comedies on NBC (plus Modern Family, which might as well be in that line-up) all ended strongly. The winning final scene of the bunch belonged to 30 Rock, which saw Kenneth pulling a drunken Jerry Maguire, after he got fired for giving an intentionally bad studio tour to avoid an L.A. transfer. I assume that the cartoon nature of the show will mean that he'll be back as a page next season. But I can see myself getting into a Kenneth spin-off where he returns to Georgia and suddenly finds himself with more big-city savvy than everyone around him. We'll just have to wait until next season to find out.

MEET THE PRESS: David Gregory Gets Back at Rand Paul for Canceling on Him

If Rand Paul was going to cancel on Meet the Press claiming "exhaustion," then David Gregory was going to question whether he is now a "weaker candidate" than he was Tuesday night.

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FOX NEWS: Sarah Palin, Michael Steele Disagree on Rand Paul

Sarah Palin and Michael Steele both appeared on Fox News Sunday this morning and offered differing views on Rand Paul's questionable civil rights position. While Sarah Palin decried the "gotcha media" for tricking Paul into misspeaking, Michael Steele admitted that he was "uncomfortable" with Paul's statements.