Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DERRICK COMEDY: Hipster Thomas Jefferson

In this new sketch from Derrick Comedy, Thomas Jefferson is more concerned with his awesome band than he inexplicable reemergence.

"Are you saying your band is better than America?"

'Sex and the City 2' in 60 Seconds

It's basically a lot of cosmos and shoes. (via Babelgum)

Columbia Valedictorian Steals Patton Oswalt's 'Physics for Poets' Joke

Patton Oswalt called out Columbia University General Studies valedictorian Brian Corman (on Twitter) for stealing his "physics for poets" bit in his graduation speech. As a Columbia University graduate, I can tell you that the General Studies students are the somewhat less intelligent (ie. continuing/adult education) group, so this guy has kind of tallest midget situation going on here. If you want to watch Patton Oswalt's funny version of the joke, you can find it at Gothamist.com and make sure to check out the comprehensive coverage from the Columbia BWOG.

UPDATE: Just got this official statement from Columbia GS.

It has come to our attention that a portion of our Valedictorian’s remarks at this year’s School of General Studies Class Day was taken from a comedy routine by Patton Oswalt. As an institution of higher learning that places a core value on respect for the works of others, we were surprised and disappointed to have learned of this matter today. Columbia University and the School of General Studies do not condone or permit the use of someone else’s work without proper citation. The student speaker has appropriately issued an apology to his classmates and to Mr. Oswalt for failing to provide such attribution.

Peter J. Awn
Columbia University School of General Studies


James Lipton's just fucking with us now, right?

American Soldier Taunts Little Iraqi Children

Spc. Robert A. Rodriguez single-handedly sets back American-Iraqi relations further back than they already are (if that's possible).

JIMMY KIMMEL: Adrien Brody in 'Charlie Bit My Finger: The Movie'

Adrien Brody optioned the rights and will co-star with Jimmy Kimmel in the film adaptation of YouTube classic "Charlie Bit My Finger."

LENO: Russell Brand and Venus Williams' Ass

Jay Leno's guests last night included Russell Brand and a photo of Venus Williams' ass.