Wednesday, June 2, 2010

O'REILLY FACTOR: Equating Gays and Al Qaeda

Bill O'Reilly asks about France's McDonald's "gay-friendly" ad, what's next, "an Al Qaeda ad?"

Scary Comedian Interviews New Yorkers About Summer Movies

Comedian Billy Eichner hits the streets of New York to ask people if they're excited for Sex and the City 2 and other summer "art."

Conan, Stewart and Colbert Dance-Off

I've been avoiding watching this all morning as to not spoil anything when I go to tonight's show at Radio City Music Hall. But, really, I couldn't resist anymore. And how can you spoil utter silliness? I just got myself much more excited. And don't forget, I'll be live-tweeting from the show tonight, so make sure you're following me @GotchaMedia.

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen Reviews 'Grainy Footage of Leaking Underwater Oil Pipe'

Colbert spent his two weeks off watching this hit summer series.

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DAILY SHOW: BP Oil Spill Recap

After a two week hiatus, Stewart and Colbert returned last night on the same day that they made a surprise appearance with Conan at Radio City (spoiler alert for tonight, hopefully). First up, the Daily Show caught up on coverage of the BP oil spill.

"Let us start with the good news. There is an awful lot of oil in our Earth."

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Cenac - The Spilling Fields - Oil Leak Containment Ideas
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