Monday, June 7, 2010

iPhone 4 vs. Jane Lynch

Which is better, the new iPhone 4 or Jane Lynch? Some very fast work from Electric Spoofaloo.

"I've always had a camera on my front, but I tell people it's a third nipple so they don't feel 'less than."

Steve Jobs WWDC iPhone 4 Demo FAIL

Steve Jobs had a few very dicey moments during today's Worldwide Developers Conference demo introducing the iPhone 4 when he couldn't connect to WiFi. He becomes clearly frustrated and flustered as he attempts to get his demo iPhone to work. He ultimately makes the mistake of asking for audience suggestions, to which someone yells "Verizon!"


Justin Long and Mike White are 'Devin & Glenn'

The group Make Homosexuals Marry try to make (gay) marriage look as unappealing as possible.

"If you disagree with the homosexual lifestyle, support overturning Prop 8, and make them get married like the rest of us."