Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chris Matthews' Conan/Leno Political Metaphor

Chris Matthews compares Arkansas Senate primary election of Blanche Lincoln vs. Bill Halter to Leno vs. Conan. I guess that means Leno won.

ONN: News from the Year 2137

Coming this summer, news from our horrifyingly apocalyptic future, brought to you by The Onion. It must really be from the future because it's web content that you have to pay for. Read more about it at Mashable.com.

Future News From The Year 2137 - Coming Summer 2010

MTV MOVIE AWARDS: Fabrice Fabrice Works the Red Carpet

There's no one better than Fabrice Fabrice to interview the "celebrities" on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet.

"Situation! Will you go on a date rape with me?"

THE VIEW: Whoopi is 'Sick' of the BP Oil Spill

I predicted it and it happened. Whoopi Goldberg is the latest comedian to get angry about the BP oil spill. Only unlike Aziz Ansari and Stephen Colbert, her version is neither funny nor based on reality.

TODAY SHOW: Obama Trying to Figure Out 'Whose Ass to Kick'

Too bad Stephen Colbert beat him to it.

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With a little help from Bing (who are donating $2,500 to oil spill clean-up every time Stephen says "Bing"), Stephen Colbert shows President Obama how to get furious and beats the shit out of BP CEO Tony Hayward. After this and Aziz Ansari's "Fuck you BP" song at the MTV Movie Awards, comedians providing cathartic oil spill-related moments for us is becoming a trend. Who's next?

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DAILY SHOW: John C. Reilly and Jon Stewart Karaoke Duet

Inspired by his performance in Cyrus, John C. Reilly plans his karaoke duet with Jon Stewart.

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Empire Shtick of Mind Jew York

This isn''t the first Jewish-themed parody of "Empire State of Mind," but it wins for the brilliant hook.

"Jew York... Concrete jungle where Bernie Madoff."