Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toy Story 3 vs. The Wire

Woody is McNulty. Mr. Potato Head is Bunk. It all makes sense. (via Videogum)

CHECK IT OUT!: Maria Bamford as Dr. Cynthia Driscoll

Dr. Steve Brule sits down with Dr. Cynthia Driscoll to determine whether he's handsome or not.

Oil-Covered Protester Interrupts BP Hearing

It wasn't too surprising that a Codepink protester covered in "oil" interrupted today's BP Congressional hearing shouting "You need to be charged with a crime!"

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COLBERT REPORT: NYTimes Word Police Ban 'Tweet'

In protest of the New York Times' decision to ban the word "tweet," Stephen Colbert's Address the Mess will donate one dollar to The Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund every time you retweet this tweet.

"in honor of oil-soaked birds, 'tweets' are now 'gurgles."

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COLLEGE HUMOR: BP Pulls a Domino's

BP takes a page out of Domino's marketing playbook.

"Why fix the spill, when we can fix the brand?"

EASTBOUND & DOWN: Kenny Powers is Back! (for Season 2)

The last time we saw Kenny Powers, he was headed to Mexico. So it makes sense that that's where Season 2 will take place.

DAILY SHOW: Louis C.K. Says the 3 Words You Can't Say on FX

Louis C.K. plugs his new FX show by telling Jon Stewart the three words you're not allowed to say on FX, one of which is "retarded."

"Like Sarah Palin didn't hate this show enough."

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