Friday, June 18, 2010

FUNNY OR DIE: David Cross, Cropstick Drumming Superstar

Go Behind the (chopstick drumming) Music with David Cross in this sketch from Funny or Die UK that plays like classic Mr. Show.

Nightline Effectively Kills Bros Icing Bros

Nightline jumps on the Bros Icing Bros train on the same day that the website goes down. Coincidence?

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen's Presidential Address

Perhaps inspired by Rachel Maddow's fake presidential address Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert offered his own version, demonstrating how Obama should have dumbed-down his rhetoric for the American people.

"See Spot. See Spot spread. Stop, Spot, stop."

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Obama's Simplified BP Oil Spill Speech
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DAILY SHOW: Jon Stewart Calls BP's Emergency Contact

Jon Stewart examines yesterday's BP hearing and tries calling BP's emergency contact, who has been dead since 2005. He also called Joe Barton a "disdainful asshole."

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Intro - Bachelor Party Church Group
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