Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OK Go vs. Animal Staring Contest

OK Go's Dan "Danimal" Konopka had a staring contest with The Muppets' Animal at the Webby Awards last week. Note a very tense Zach Galifianakis looking on in the background.

Das Racist 'Ices' Devo

Backstage at the Colbert Report, Das Racist's Victor Vazquez tries to "Ice" Devo, but just ends up having to explain the whole thing to them.

Exclusive: Backstage With Devo (The Colbert Report) from The Nation's Home on Vimeo.

ONN: Obama's Experimental Weekly Addresses

The Onion reports on Obama's increasing avant-garde weekly video addresses.

"Videos like the one that aired Tuesday morning, which begins with Obama outlining his new plan to provide healthier school lunches to the nation's children, but soon devolves into frantic editing, unsettling imagery, and dissonant audio effects, have left many wondering about the president's ultimate message."

Weekly Address: Jobs Creation from White House Weekly Address on Vimeo.

FUNNY OR DIE: High-Five World Cup

The Almost Twins are back for a South African high-fiving adventure. Featuring special guests Wikus van de Merwe and the vuvuzelas.

UCB: Intervention Intervention

This sketch was hilarious when Fred Armisen did it on Funny or Die last year.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Seth Rogen on a Webcam

When the power went out in his studio yesterday, Jimmy Kimmel improvised and decided to shoot the entire show on his laptop webcam. Here is the interview with Seth Rogen. You can watch more clips from last night's show here.

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen is a McChrystal Meth Head

Stephen Colbert comes out as a "McChrystal Meth Head," but us disappointed that the rockstar general is going soft.

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