Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Larry King Trades TV Show for Little League

Because the 77-year-old talk show host has children who play Little League.

Elena Kagan Perpetuates Jews at Chinese Restaurants on Christmas Stereotype

But it's OK, because it's entirely accurate.

What Is Hulu Plus?

Not only am I irrationally into the idea of Hulu Plus, but I also love that the lasting image of this video is Phil Dunphy with a mustache.

'The Social Network' Meets 'Jonah Hex'

Yesterday we saw the creepy teaser for The Social Network. Today, The Full Ginsburg brings us the Jonah Hex version.

Chinese Companies Institute 'Rent-A-White-Guy' Program

CNN reports on a strange new practice in which Chinese companies rent white Westerners to appear more global.

G20 Protester Just Wants to Shop

Videogum names the "World's Best G20 Protester."

ONN: Al Qaeda Hearts 'Twilight'

Onion News Network reports that Al Qaeda canceled a terrorist attack at the last minute to spare the life of Stephenie Meyer.

Al-Qaeda Calls Off Attack On Nation's Capitol To Spare Life Of 'Twilight' Author

FUNNY OR DIE: James Franco's Tribute to Sam Raimi

Obviously feeling bored during the SNL off-season, James Franco and Bill Hader (as Willem Dafoe) make a birthday tribute to director Sam Raimi.

COLBERT REPORT: Michael Hastings Interview

Last night on the Report, Stephen Colbert scored an interview with Rolling Stone writer Michael Hastings, who wrote the bombshell General McChrystal article.

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