Thursday, July 1, 2010

COLLEGE HUMOR: FaceTime with Dad

College Humor may have just one-upped Funny or Die with this iPhone 4 ad parody.

The 100 Best Movie Insults of All Time

An extensive NSFW montage in just under ten minutes. Steve Martin clearly wins this contest.

10-year-old Breaks Jason Segel-Paul Rudd Affair Story

10-year-old "junior reporter" Lucy asks Jason Segel some hard-hitting questions about his career and his new movie Despicable Me.

<a href="" target="_new" title="Wonderkid Report -- Jason Segel">Video: Wonderkid Report -- Jason Segel</a>

DAILY SHOW: John Oliver Tells the World to 'Suck It'

In his latest report from the World Cup, John Oliver finds the strength to tell fans of teams who are still in the tournament to "go fuck themselves" to their faces.

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Elena Kagan Not a 'Twilight' Fan

Senator Amy Klobuchar asked Elena Kagan if she is on Team Edward or Team Jacob, to which she responded "I wish you wouldn't." Or as Videogum put it "Team Boo." This does set up a strong opposition between Kagan and Al Qaeda, so that's a good thing.