Wednesday, July 28, 2010

THE VIEW: President Obama Preview

President Obama inexplicably goes on The View tomorrow. Here's a preview.

Trailer: 'Titanic 2'

As long as this is making James Cameron angry, I'm fine with it.

"It looks like history is repeating itself."

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen and Kevin Kline Shakespeare Grunt-Off

After a thrilling annunciation competition, Stephen Colbert and Kevin Kline go back and forth portraying Shakespearean characters using only facial expressions and grunts.

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Kevin Kline
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Trailer: 'The Virginity Hit'

With The Virginity Hit, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay take the coming-of-age, losing-your-virginity movie further than everything that's come before it.

Kanye Freestyles at Facebook

Watch four and a half minutes of Kanye West rapping a cappella at the Facebook office.

LETTERMAN: Dave Gets Kristen Schaaled

The very funny Kristen Schaal, promoting Dinner For Schmucks, made her Letterman debut last night.

DAILY SHOW: Wikileaks and BradAss87

Jon Stewart unpacks the Afghanistan Wikileaks story.

"I'm not reacting to the newness of it. I'm reacting to the fucked-up-ed-ness of it."

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