Friday, July 30, 2010

Kanye Takes Over 'The Social Network'

In honor of Kanye West's week of dominating social media, here's the new TV spot for The Social Network, featuring the music of (who else?) Kanye West.

James Franco Dies on 'General Hospital'

After reading this week's Inception-like mind-fuck of a profile on James Franco in New York Magazine it was very exciting to watch this, his final death scene on General Hospital (via The Daily Beast).

Al Franken Explains Net Neutrality

At last week's Netroots Nation conference, Al Franken frames net neutrality as "the first amendment issue of our time."

Matt Zaller at Tim and Eric's Awesome-Con

Joshua Jackson wasn't the only one presenting an alternative to Comic-Con last week. In this video, The Zaz reports from Tim and Eric's Awesome-Con.

Mike Huckabee on Obama and the Apocalypse

Mike Huckabee starts preparing for his likely 2012 presidential run by setting up Obama as a catalyst for the "end times."

LETTERMAN: Paul Rudd is the Tooth Fairy

Paul Rudd tells Dave about how he's a very generous tooth fairy, angering parents across the country.

DAILY SHOW: Obama on 'The View'

Jon Stewart takes on the media taking on Obama taking on The View.

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