Monday, August 9, 2010

Wyclef's First Campaign Video

In case you weren't sure if Wyclef Jean was serious about running for president of Haiti, here's his first campaign video.

ONN: Christian Charity Saving Non-Gay Lives

"Millions of people are suffering. Roughly 90% of whom have done nothing to deserve it."

Christian Charity Raising Money To Feed Non-Gay Famine Victims

FUNNY OR DIE: Andrew Breitbart Fucks Goats

Funny or Die gives Andrew Breitbart a taste of his own medicine.

JIMMY FALLON: JB Smoove as the NBC Peacock

From Friday night's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, JB Smoove shows off photos from his former job as the NBC peacock.

Sarah Palin: 'Worst Governor Ever?'

Yes, according to one local Alaskan woman, who made a 30-foot long banner, and actually got Palin to come debate her on it.