Friday, August 13, 2010

JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater Video Released!

And it's the most anti-climactic thing ever. They had to put that sign there?

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Conan Claymation Promo

First the Monty Python-inspired promo premiered earlier in the week. Now TBS has released a vintage claymation version.

CNN: Anderson Cooper on 'Terror Babies'

This is serious report from Anderson Cooper 360 on "Terror Babies."

"I'm giving you an opportunity to say what research and evidence you have. You've offered none. Other than yelling."

DAILY SHOW: John Hodgman Rewrites the 'Prostitution'

Because "Constitution" is so negative.

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JIMMY KIMMEL: Levi Johnston Interview

Jimmy Kimmel scores the late night interview of the summer and Levi Johnston lands a national platform that no one in Wasilla, Alaska watches.

"Our next guest is to Sarah Palin what voicemail is to Mel Gibson."