Sunday, August 15, 2010

Top 5 Funniest Videos of the Week - 8/15/10

The funniest video of the week should have been Alpha Dog Steven Slater’s epic slide off the JetBlue plane, but since that turned out to be a total bust, we’ll have to make do with these five.

To kick it off this week, Funny or Die presented a video that belatedly commented on the whole Shirley Sherrod video-editing scandal by giving Andrew Breitbart a taste of his own medicine. It's just this easy to turn something benevolent and well-meaning into something unconscionable and disgusting.

In the same week that Judge Vaughn Walker handed his fellow gays a victory in California, The Onion put out a video that nicely summed up the debate on equality.

"Millions of people are suffering. Roughly 90% of whom have done nothing to deserve it."

Christian Charity Raising Money To Feed Non-Gay Famine Victims

Since even before it opened in theaters a few weeks ago, many clever people across the internet have been attempting to come up with meaningful parodies of Inception. Despite its general level of ridiculousness, it's proven rather difficult to mock. So it was a welcome surprise when The Full Ginsburg debuted their "Palinception" video last week. What else can explain incidents like this?

Michael Cera and Jason Schwartzman embarked on a joint press tour last week for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, keeping each other company through various potentially awkward interviews. Their appearance on a local news channel where they played with the green screen was definitely charming. But when Zach Galifinakis videobombed their interview with Matt Zaller (who then turned it into a trippy music video) it got taken up a notch.

Finally, the inevitable Twitter version of The Social Network parody meme came to us this week from Rated Awesome. These videos are either going to make people more excited to see the actual movie, or make everyone see how ridiculous it is to make a movie about Facebook. As of now, it's unclear which way it will go.

Stewie Griffin Checks Out Pamela Anderson's Tits

In what I'm guessing will be the funniest part of tonight's Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff, Roastmaster Seth MacFarlane, as Stewie, checks out Pamela Anderson's tits.

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