Friday, August 20, 2010

The Making of the Intel Commercials

Michael Showalter is presenting exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at your favorite TV commercials, including Intel's choir ads. More (including a look at the $5 foot long spot) at

The 'New York Post' Weekender Ad

The best parody of those New York Times Weekender ads since Michael Showalter made this video.

Cee-Lo's New Single is a Big 'Fuck You'

Please enjoy Cee-Lo Green's new NSFW music video on this Friday afternoon.

DAILY SHOW: Team Mohammed vs. Team Jesus

Aasif Mandvi is on Team Mohammed. Wyatt Cenac is on Team Jesus. And Jon Stewart is on Team Gaylord.

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Extremist Makeover - Team Mohammed vs. Team Jesus
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