Monday, August 23, 2010

EMMYS: Conan Writers' Intro

The Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series award was relegated to the Creative Arts Emmys this past weekend. While The Colbert Report took home the award, Conan and his Tonight Show writing staff won for most creative b-roll intro.

Karl Pilkington is 'An Idiot Abroad'

Ricky Gervais (looking as skinny as I've ever seen him) is really taking this whole Karl Pilkington thing as far as it can go. In his new series, you get to see the "strangest man on the planet" travel the world in the flesh (as opposed to as a cartoon).

'The Social Network' Music Makes Everything Dramatic

Urlesque reveals the secret power of the song from The Social Network.

FUNNY OR DIE: Pee-wee Herman Goes to Sturgis

Last week, Pee-wee Herman did a field report for Jay Leno from the Sturgis motorcycle rally. This week, we get to see more of Pee-wee's unexpected adventure, via Funny or Die.