Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tony Danza Joins Teach for America

At least I think that's the premise of this new show on A&E.

FUNNY OR DIE: Jamie Lynn-Sigler Gets Catblocked

By James Franco's brother's cat, no less.

COLBERT REPORT: John McCain Defeats John McCain

Stephen Colbert congratulates John McCain for defeating himself in Tuesday's Arizona senate primary.

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John McCain's Victorious Defeat
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DAILY SHOW: Aasif Mandvi Goes to Murfreesboro

While most of the country is focused on Park51, Aasif Mandvi goes down to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to investigate their mosque problem.

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Tennessee No Evil
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Conan's Hair as a Car Promo

After Monty Python-style animation and then straight-up claymation, now TBS gives us Conan's hair displayed like a car.