Sunday, August 29, 2010

EMMYS: Ricky Gervais' Mel Gibson Joke

Ricky Gervais delivers the joke of the night, then gives out beer to the audience.
"Mel Gibson's been through a lot. Not as much as the Jews."

EMMYS: Jimmy Fallon's Tribute to '24,' 'Law & Order' and 'Lost'

Jimmy Fallon says goodbye to 24, Law & Order and Lost as Elton John, Boyz II Men and Billie Joe Armstrong.

EMMYS: George Clooney Joins 'Modern Family'

Fresh off their wins for Best Supporting Actor and Writing, Modern Family showed the Emmy audience some of the changes they've explored for season two, including the addition of George Clooney as Claire new husband.

EMMYS: Jimmy Fallon's Conan Joke

Jimmy Fallon worked this Conan O'Brien joke into his opening monologue. If Conan gets on stage tonight, something funnier than this will probably happen.

"NBC asked me to host a late-night show, and I thought, 'What could go wrong?' Too soon?"

EMMYS: Jimmy Fallon's 'Glee' Opening

Jimmy Fallon, Tiny Fey, Jon Hamm, Joel McHale, Jane Lynch and a few other people open the show with "Born to Run," Glee style. Better video (hopefully) coming soon.

Top 5 Funniest: Pee-wee Herman, Cee-Lo, Jerry Stiller and More

This past week got off to a great start thanks to fellow Huffington Post blogger Pee-wee Herman and his eventful trip to the Sturgis motorcycle rally. The Funny or Die piece went a little further than the Leno segment, including the thrilling spectacle of Pee-wee getting (presumably) his first tattoo. This only makes me look forward to The Pee-wee Herman Show on Broadway more.

With the premiere of The Social Network fast approaching (complete with boobs and blow) the parodies and mash-ups continue. In this video, Urlesque demonstrates how the music from the trailer can make anything seem dramatic.

As soon as Cee-Lo Green's "Fuck You" video appeared on YouTube and made a late in the season play for song of the summer, I knew it had strong meme potential. It didn't take long for people to start replacing songs from famous movie scenes like The Shawshank Redemption and Dirty Dancing with "Fuck You," instantly making them more awesome. My favorite example, despite it's obviousness, is John Cusack holding up his stereo in Say Anything.

Next up, The Onion took any good feelings TIME Magazine must have been having over the uncertain future of Newsweek and their pick-up of Fareed Zakaria and demolished them with this video announcing TIME Advanced, an adult version of the classic magazine for children.

TIME Announces New Version Of Magazine Aimed At Adults

On Friday, The Daily News invited us all to come along on a very special journey with Jerry Stiller to the house in Queens that Seinfeld used for the exterior shots of Frank and Estelle Costanza's place. What followed was probably the most endearing Seinfeld-related thing that has ever happened.

Jerry Stiller Unscripted from Julia Xanthos on Vimeo.

Now all we can do is hope that this actually happens at tonight's Emmy Awards and I can include it in next week's post.

MLK vs. the Teabaggers

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence juxtaposes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with the attendees of Glenn Beck's rally yesterday.