Sunday, October 3, 2010

30 ROCK: Liz Lemon Flashback Montage

We can thank for putting together this video of every Liz Lemon flashback from 30 Rock.

THE FULL GINSBURG: Rick Sanchez Needs a 'Travel Teleprompter'

The Full Ginsburg presents the new iPhone app that Rick Sanchez could have used a few days ago.

Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck

Because some people just love Donald Duck and hate Glenn Beck that much. At least I hope that was the motivation behind this video.

Rick Sanchez Calls Jon Stewart a 'Bigot' (AUDIO)

In case you don't listen to "Standup! with Pete Dominick" on Sirius radio, you may have missed Rick Sanchez calling Jon Stewart a "bigot" and talking about how the Jews for controlling the Media. Enjoy the audio below because it's the last you'll ever hear from Rick Sanchez.

SNL: Rescue Dogs 911 Digital Short

Andy Samberg's latest digital short targets the niche community of people who are annoyed by ads in iPhone apps.