Monday, October 11, 2010

Top 5 Funniest: Rick Sanchez, Jane Lynch, Banksy and More

This was the week that began with Rick Sanchez and ended with Carl Paladino. The two public figures made two particularly bigoted comments and (hopefully) will never be heard from again. Rick Sanchez made his vaguely anti-Semitic remarks against Jon Stewart last Friday so we had to wait the whole weekend until Monday night for The Daily Show to respond. Jon Stewart took it relatively easy on Sanchez, trying not to kick him when he was down. He did get this incredible montage in, juxtaposing Rick Sanchez with The Office's Michael Scott.

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For the last couple of years, Sesame Street has aggressively been getting in on the viral video game, posting videos to their YouTube channel that they know will have wide appeal online. No parody has more viral potential than the Old Spice Guy, so I'm only surprised it took this long for Grover to make his own version.

NBC's Thursday Night line-up had some solid offerings this week, particularly The Office's inspired Sweeney Todd episode. 30 Rock's take on diversity on TV was also a welcome meta-commentary. However, there seemed to be something missing on Community, which is often my favorite show of the night. Danny Pudi's Abed barely appeared in the episode, even missing out on the end credits where he always has a bit with Donald Glover's Troy. Instead, we got Betty White making a brief re-appearance to spoil the plot of Inception. It wasn't until a few days later when this compilation video appeared on YouTube did I realize the true brilliance of what I was missing in the background.

The Social Network continued to dominate the media last week, winning the weekend box office for the second consecutive week and popping up in both Frank Rich's and Maureen Dowd's Sunday columns. Saturday Night Live featured not one but two Facebook-themed segments. Andy Samberg as Mark Zuckerberg on Weekend Update was amusing, but the real winner was Jane Lynch as your annoying Mom in the ad for the "Damn It, My Mom is on Facebook" application.

Finally, I'm not sure this is as funny as it is awesomely disturbing, but the opening sequence from this week's episode of The Simpsons is probably the most widely seen piece by Banksy ever. Banksy was proud enough of the finished product to upload it directly to YouTube. Fox took that version down, but as of now, the video is being featured on Hulu's homepage. Please enjoy the most provocative couple of minutes The Simpsons has put out in years.

GMA: Carl Paladino is 'Not a Homophobic'

George Stephanopoulos scores his second failed apology interview in as many weeks. Paladino asserts that he's "not a homophobic," though he does manage to call homosexuals "disgusting."

FUNNY OR DIE: New Yorkers for the Ground Zero Mosque

Funny or Die provides as many reasons to support Park51 as you could ever need.

Matt Zaller Talks to Danny McBride at Comic-Con

Matt Zaller put on his period gear to talk to Danny McBride about his new movie Your Highness.

60 MINUTES: Eminem is 'One of the Guys Saying I'm'

Eminem was interviewed by Anderson Cooper last night on 60 Minutes. In the "extra" clip below he attempts to insert himself into the patented intro.