Thursday, October 14, 2010

30 ROCK: Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Flashback Liz Lemon (LIVE)

Probably the most inspired element of the 30 Rock live episode was casting Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Liz Lemon in the essential flashback moments.

Will Arnett and Peter Serafinowicz Try to Save 'Running Wilde'

The stars of the new Mitchell Hurwitz comedy Running Wilde have resorted to shooting their own low-budget viral videos to help save the struggling show.

THE VIEW: Bill O'Reilly Causes Whoopi and Joy to Walk Off the Set

This morning on The View, Bill O'Reilly's comments on Park51 and 9/11 caused Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar to walk off the set mid-interview.

Conan Blows TBS' Budget on New Action-Packed Promo

As if TBS hadn't already spent enough money on Conan's blimp, they added this new two minute promo to the mix in which Conan drives an explosives-packed car off a cliff.

Christine O'Donnell Can't Think of Any Supreme Court Decisions

Christine O'Donnell had a profoundly Palin moment at her debate last night. This should only endear her more to the Teabagger crowd.

DAILY SHOW: Chilean Miners Coverage

The Daily Show covered the Chilean Miners rescue story the best way it knows how: by recapping the cable news coverage from the night before.

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MODERN FAMILY: Phil Dunphy 'Is No Straight Guy'

Phil loses his notes and is forced to improv some jokes about his colleagues.