Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tracy Morgan Gives You 3 Reasons Why You Should Watch His Stand-up Special

I appreciate this video, especially because Tracy Morgan spent part of his evening last night yelling at me at the party.

Alec Baldwin Answers Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Marriage Proposal

In a video for the Fight Back New York campaign, Alec Baldwin explains that the only reason he's not marrying Jesse Tyler Ferguson is that it's not legal.

"No one tells a New Yorker that they can't marry Jesse Tyler Ferguson."

Elvira is Christine O'Donnell With Bigger Tits

Elvira throws herself into the Christine O'Donnell ad parody ring with this eerily spot-on video.

Jimmy 'The Rest Is Too Damn High' McMillan as the Old Man from 'Up'

Jimmy McMillan isn't crazy. He's just watched Up too many times.