Monday, October 25, 2010

Rand Paul Supporters vs. Protester

We're only one week away from the midterm elections and Teabaggers are stomping on the head of a member.

Lebron's New Nike Ad: What Should Lebron Do?

I think the answer is that he should make an epically expensive 90 second TV commercial. Wait, he just did that.

Ilinois Governor Pat Quinn's Campaign Ad Embraces 'Glee'

Pat Quinn put out this brilliant recap of everything you most definitely missed in this year's Illinois Gubernatorial campaign in the style "That's what you missed on Glee." Extra points for the random Billy Madison clip.

COMMUNITY: Halloween Zombies!

Last week, we got the teaser of The 3rd Floor from the cast of The Office. This week, Community previews their Halloween show, in which the whole school turns into zombies. This could be the second coming of the epic paintball episode.