Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jennifer Coolidge is 'Walkin' Like a Cowboy' for 'Elling'

There are ads in this vein running for the new Broadway play Elling on TV that are pretty funny. But they can't touch this slightly NSFW version that was posted on Facebook today.

Paul Rudd's 1991 Super Nintendo Ad

Before he was famous. And even before he was a Bat Mitzvah DJ, Paul Rudd starred in this commercial.

TODAY SHOW: Amy Sedaris with Kathie Lee and Hoda

Amy Sedaris is keeping the whole crafts things going strong.

Don Draper Says 'What?'

This new video reveals that as smooth as Don Draper seems, he rarely has any idea what's going on.

FUNNY OR DIE: Jackie Chiles of 'Seinfeld' is Back

And he loves Barack Obama. Wouldn't it be ironic if Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David sued this actor for copyright infringement?

Obama's Concession Speech 2010

Obama waited a full day after yesterday's polls closed to deliver his concession speech, I mean, press conference. He's still the president.

Bill Clinton Talks Lil' Wayne

Bill Clinton shares his thoughts on Lil' Wayne getting out of prison this week on Pittsburgh radio yesterday.

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen's Election as Wave Metaphor

At the end of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report's live election night coverage, Stephen Colbert summed things up by using his conservative wave metaphor to state that these results are here to stay.

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