Saturday, November 13, 2010

Top 5 Funniest: Conan O'Brien, Jeff Goldblum, Steve Martin and more

After months and months of promotions and hype, Conan O'Brien officially returned to television this week. There were many funny segments over the first week of shows, including Will Forte as Ted Turner, Jon Hamm being forced to watch the "Don Draper Says What?" montage and Michael Cera's dramatic reenactment of losing his cell phone in a cab. But the funniest and most exciting clip of the week was the first. Featuring excellent cameos by Jon Hamm and Larry King, here is the opening sketch from Monday night's show, "Last Season on Conan."

All of the late night hosts did their best this week to stay relevant in the face of the new red-headed kid on the block. David Letterman acknowledged his new competition head-on by making Conan/Leno jokes in his monologue. Jay Leno made news by getting Arnold Schwarzenegger to say that "no one cares" if you smoke a joint and Christine O'Donnell to admit that she doesn't actually oppose masturbation. Meanwhile over on Comedy Central, Jon Stewart offered up the best coverage of George W. Bush's ridiculous Kanye-centric media tour and Stephen Colbert got Cee-Lo Green to change the name of his hit song to "Fox News." But in the end, Jimmy Fallon produced the most talked-about clip of the week when he had the brilliantly inventive idea to get Jeff Goldblum and Biz Markie to join forces for a duet of "Just a Friend," backed by the Roots.

Steve Martin has recently been balancing his time between being hilarious on Twitter and performing with his bluegrass band. This week, we got to see a performance of one of his original tunes called "Atheists Don't Got No Songs," which attempts to give atheists the a cappella gospel song they deserve.

In last week's Top 5 Funniest videos we saw the return of Steve Coogan's most famous character Alan Partridge. When Coogan's not portraying the awkward radio host, he's being his awkward self with Rob Brydon on their BBC show The Trip. In this clip, the two actors deliver their rival dead-on Michael Caine impressions.

From Billy Elliot, to Sister Act, to Priscilla Queen of the Desert, musicals based on movies continue to be the hottest trend on Broadway. showed us this week what a musical version of Office Space might look like, with Milton as the protagonist, of course.